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Wednesday, February 2

Dev & IT Pro Days - Day 2

Day 2 started very good with the keynote given by Kimberly Tripp : SQL Server 2005, Bridging the Gap between Development and Administration. I was really impressed with some new features of SQL Server 2005, especially with the "deep" CLR- and the XML-integration. Very promising stuff and nice presentation by Kimberly "SQL" Tripp.

Afterwards I was planning to follow the complete Visual Studio 2005 track. Because the first session of Visual Studio 2005 did not reveal many new things - probably because I already saw some presentations on TechEd last year - I switched to part 2 of the SharePoint track : Hardcore Development For SharePoint Products & Technologies. Patrick and Jan did a great job and gave some nice demos about InfoPath, BizTalk and SharePoint. Maybe I should also have followed part 1 ...

The sessions about Visual Studio 2005 Team System were great, especially the last one by Bart Vande Ghinste. He almost cancelled one of his demos because he couldn't enter the right password for his virtual machine and at the end he refused to stop in time because he insisted to show some extra things. He really showed interesting stuff about the new source control system, the integrated test system and the new build system.

Conclusion : the sessions of Day 2 were surely more a success for me than Day 1 and I must admit that today the voice-overs of the other room(s) were less annoying than Day 1. DevDays was of course also a great opportunity to meet some people and I was pleased to see that so many Compuware-colleagues were present at the event.

Tomorrow back to work and so back to reality : Visual Studio 2003 and an Oracle Database ;-).


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