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Wednesday, June 17

Community Update

Yesterday I was present at the VISUG session where Yves Goeleven gave a very good introduction about Domain Driven Design. It was good to see that so many people showed up for the session : 60 people in total! It seems that Domain Driven Design is getting the attention of more and more developers nowadays and Yves did a good job to increase the appetite of the audience. All slides can be downloaded here and a video screencast will soon be available at MSDN Chopsticks. Note that previous VISUG session can also be found at MSDN Chopsticks. Shortly we will also update the VISUG website with some new events later this year, so be sure to register on time or subscribe to our feed to be the first to know!

Only one week left to Community Day 2009! The third edition of Community Day was quickly sold out and I'm looking forward to be part of it! Great agenda with lot of good local speakers! Very promising! Gill Cleeren, one of the organizers of the event, published a blog post with all the prizes that will be given away.


Monday, June 8

using ASP.NET Membership in non-web applications

It's quite easy to use the ASP.NET Membership feature in non-web applications.
  1. Create a new WinForms / WPF application

  2. Import the System.Web assembly

  3. Configure app.config instead of web.config to use the membership feature

  4. Use the Membership class to query for information