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Monday, January 17

Microsoft Developer IT Pro Days

Time flies! Yes indeed : only two more weeks and it's time for the yearly Belgian DevDays. Last year I couldn't make it because of too much work at the customer-site for a go-live, but this year I will definitely be there.

My Agenda
  • Day 1
    • Keynote "The Human Spirit" by Bill Gates
    • Closing The Gap Between Development And Operations: A Developer's Perspective
    • Sneak Preview Of The Future Of Web Development
    • Accessing Your Business' Data Through Information Bridge Framework
    • Best Practices For Windows Forms Development
  • Day 2
    • Keynote "SQL Server 2005" by Kimberly Tripp
    • Visual Studio 2005 (Part 1)
    • Visual Studio 2005 (Part 2)
    • Visual Studio 2005 Team System (Part 1)
    • Visual Studio 2005 Team System (Part 2)
I always feel that choosing the sessions I want to attend on an event is like losing. Especially for day 2 because the sessions about "Distributed .NET Applications" by Ingo Rammer look very promising, but for the moment Visual Studio 2005 has my full attention on Day 2!

I'm also curious about the Community Evening on Day 1. Read the Community Evening Update on the blog of Tom Mertens.


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