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Sunday, January 21

VISUG event featuring Scott Guthrie

I'm very happy to announce the next VISUG event - in collaboration with MSDN Belux - on February 1, 2007. For the first time, Scott Guthrie - the man behind ASP.NET - comes to Belgium and will give two very interesting presentations for the Visual Studio User Group.

The location is not yet set for this event but be sure to register on time for this special event because we expect a lot of attendees!

[Update - location of event : Utopolis Mechelen]


Friday, January 19

Hello World!

No, I did not discover a new exotic programming language, but my daughter Ine was born yesterday around midnight and says hello to the world! I will never forget this magical moment in my life. All they say about new life in your life is true! It's really a miracle that happens and it feels so great! My wife is doing fine as well and will hopefully quickly recover. She did all the hard work but we now really have the most beautiful baby in the whole world! I know that every couple says that about their baby, but in fact it's oh so true!

More info and some pictures at