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Tuesday, December 14

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My name is Pieter Gheysens and I work as a .NET Consultant for Compuware Belgium. I studied Applied Economics at the University of Leuven and obtained an extra degree in Management Informatics. After my student-years I joined the Professional Services Division at Compuware in August Y2K.

My goal was to start blogging in 2005 ... We aren't there yet but hey - here I am already! Setting up this blog was really not so hard. Just some changes to the template and uploading a picture! Plug and play!

In my blog I will try to share my experiences about .NET Development [C#], especially Windows Forms. Compuware has also a set of products that are related to .NET development. In my projects I've worked already with DevPartner. DevPartner Studio Professional Edition pinpoints coding errors, measures runtime performance and provides complete test coverage. Its features are tightly integrated with Visual Studio .NET, helping you build reliable, high-performing code consistently across distributed environments. More about this tool will follow!

Feel free to comment on my posts. If you have questions about a particular topic, you can always drop me a mail at my emailAddress ...

string firstName = "Pieter";
string lastName = "Gheysens";
string emailAddress = firstName + "." + lastName + "";

All statements expressed in my blog are solely my own and are not necessarily in line with those of my employer.

Update : I decided to leave Compuware in 2009 and started my own company Sparkles to focus entirely on Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server. Since April 2009, I've been rewarded with the MVP Team System award.


  • At 3:27 AM, Anonymous John said…

    Sierra Hotel friend - the listbox-fu was seriously driving me insane and your writeup got it done.



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