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Thursday, January 20

Experimenting ...

The last couple of evenings I've been busy with installing new software on my laptop to experiment a little more. DevPartner SecurityChecker and DevPartner Fault Simulator are installed on my main OS (Windows XP Professional) and I'm looking forward to test these applications with a couple of projects in Visual Studio 2003.

I've also created a new virtual machine [Virtual PC] with OS Windows Server 2003, together with Visual Studio 2005 (Beta 1). This evening I still have to install SQL Server 2005 (Beta 2) and then I'm ready to check out some new cool features. In the near future I also want to take a closer look at Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). A lot to do!

To be continued ...

Update : SQL Server 2005 (Beta 2) should be installed prior to Visual Studio 2005 (beta 1)! The other way around does not work! Grr!


  • At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm looking forward to read about your experiences, because that's exactly the software I'm planning to check out...


    Kris Lacage


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