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Tuesday, September 23

Juval Lowy back in Belgium

Great news! After his visit this year in April, Juval Lowy from IDesign will be back in Belgium. In the week of January 12, 2009, he will deliver the IDesign WCF Master Class at Compuware Belgium. I also managed to book him again for a VISUG evening session that week. More details about this session will follow soon in the next VISUG newsletter. A poll will be launched to let the VISUG members choose which hardcore WCF session he will bring!


Thursday, September 18

no code coverage result in Team Build?

When creating a new Team Build with the Build Wizard in TFS 2008, it may be possible that you won't have code coverage results while you have this option enabled in your testrun configuration file. This depends on how you selected your tests to run ...

  1. If you have chosen to run tests that are listed in a Test List, then there won't be any problem : code coverage results will be available because all testrun configuration settings will be picked up in the testrun configuration file via the .vsmdi file.
  2. If you have chosen to run tests with the TestContainer option, then the testrun configuration file is not picked up because there won't be any trace of a .vsmdi file in your build project file. You may fix this by manually adding the following line to your .proj file.


    This line (to be added in PropertyGroup of .proj file) will pick up the test run configuration file and will control the way tests are run.


Thursday, September 4

VISUG 2008 : next events

  • September 11 : Introduction to ALT.NET (Yves Goeleven)
  • ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 special
    • October 14 : ASP.NET MVC (Maarten Balliauw)
    • October 21 : Dynamic Data, Data Services, Entity Framework (Gill Cleeren)
  • November : Best of PDC / TechEd (date not final yet)
  • November 27 : What’s new in Visual Studio Team System Code Name “Rosario” (Pieter Gheysens)
  • December 19 : Geek Dinner (location not final yet)
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