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Sunday, January 16

New Compuware Products [RTM]

  • DevPartner Fault Simulator DevPartner Fault Simulator is a unique new developer tool using fault simulation to emulate real-world application errors. This allows developers to work in a predictable, repeatable environment to proactively analyze and debug application error-handling code—leading to a better end-user experience and eliminating the loss of revenue that comes with unplanned application downtime.
  • DevPartner SecurityChecker DevPartner SecurityChecker is a powerful security analysis tool that helps quickly scan, locate and fix known and potential security vulnerabilities in ASP.NET applications written in either C# or Visual Basic .NET. DevPartner SecurityChecker automates detection processes through a combination of runtime, compile-time and integrity analyses that pinpoint the exact location of vulnerable source code and hard-to-find security problems.
Update [News Release] : Compuware Launches New DevPartner Products


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