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Tuesday, February 1

Dev & IT Pro Days - Day 1

This morning - after a short night of sleep - I (together with 1300 other techies) was good on time for the kick-off of the Developer & IT Pro Days. After registration and a light breakfast, I hurried myself to the keynote-room because we were told that Bill would show up sharp and I didn't want to miss a thing ... but as you probably know, the session started with some delay! Bill did a quite short presentation about the importance of software and what to expect in the future : Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, Longhorn [WinFS, WinFX, Indigo, Avalon], ... Not really a fancy presentation but I was glad to be there. Following a live presentation given by someone like Bill Gates doesn't happen every week I presume.

The first "real" session of the day Closing The Gap Between Development And Operations: A Developer's Perspective was nothing more than giving some general advice for deploying applications. I ask myself if the application of the Enterprise Library (more specific the Logging Application Block) was in place in that session?! If you did not know yet : Enterprise Library v1.0 was released on Friday, January 28.

The session before lunch Sneak Preview Of The Future Of Web Development (ASP.NET 2.0) was more exciting with demos about data controls (databinding), master pages, themes/skins, administration, ...

After lunch, Clemens Vasters gave a presentation about Services and Service Oriented Architectures : Best Practices For SOA With Today's Technologies, but I had the feeling that the presentation time was really to short for him to deliver us his experiences.

Best Practices For Windows Forms Development was the last session of the day and I must say that I expected a little bit more advanced tips & tricks for developers.

Afterwards I followed the 5' Lightning Talks and I was surprised to witness the low attendance. Nevertheless, the courageous presenters did their best to bring their topic in a nutshell. Jelle, my new colleague at Compuware, talked about the release of Enterprise Library.


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