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Sunday, March 29

Speed up session recordings

This weekend I've been watching some sessions recordings (.wmv) of TechEd US 2008. To win some precious time I speeded up the recording in Windows Media Player : moving from normal to fast play speed.

Try it out if you also have a big backlog of sessions you still want to see some time, someday. A minute in fast speed equals 45 seconds in normal speed, so a one hour session boils down to only 45 minutes! However, it's still not as good as the Matrix!

Tuesday, March 24

Next VISUG Events

Busy months to come for the VISUG! I've been planning lots of new events for the coming period. Together with Microsoft Belgium, we are also announcing some Back To Basic afternoon sessions. More info on all the sessions can be found on our website.
  • April 15 : LINQ (Kurt Claeys)
  • April 29 : ASP.NET Caching (Gill Cleeren)
  • May 5 : Mocking (Maarten Balliauw)
  • May 27 : ASP.NET Membership (Pieter Gheysens)
  • June 18 : Domain Driven Design (Yves Goeleven)
  • June 30 : IronRuby (Ivan Porto Carrero)
  • September 10 : ORMs - NHibernate & Entity Framework (Davy Brion & Kurt Claeys)
Be sure to register and drop me an email if you have suggestions for other sessions later this year! Note that a new big event will probably be scheduled in the week of October 5 with another great international speaker! More details on this soon!

I noticed that the session about ORMs is getting a lot of attention/attraction and I just want to make sure that you get the right information on this session. It is absolutely not the intention to start a war between advocates of NHibernate and advocates of the Entity Framework. The purpose is to make our members aware of the main benefits you get out of using an O/RM tool : productivity! Attendees will have the opportunity to see how to get started on using NHibernate or the Entity Framework. Both tools have their place on the current marketplace and it's up to the decision makers to make the right decision which tool to use. There are of course some important differences between both tools (domain driven approach vs data driven approach) but in the end they deliver a similar set of services to developers.