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Friday, October 24

Prepping for PDC 2008

Finally, PDC is just around the corner! Saturday, I'm flying to Los Angeles with a couple of other Belgians to attend PDC 2008. I'm really looking forward to this event with all the new stuff that's coming up. I suppose that the different keynotes will be very interesting to watch! Other sessions I certainly want to attend will be related with the new version of Visual Studio Team System 2010, Oslo, Cloud Computing, Windows 7, ... Actually too much hot content to cover in only 4/5 days!

Besides the technical content, PDC is also a great opportunity to party and network with other peers. My evening agenda is also loaded with different types of social events :
  • Party with Palermo on Sunday, October 26
  • Belgian PDC Party sponsored by U2U at the Hard Rock CafĂ© on Monday, October 27
  • PDC Party on Tuesday, October 28
I'm also invited for the Together @ PDC program with an event on Sunday and a party on Wednesday ... busy days!

Los Angeles : here I come!


Sunday, October 5

Brussels Marathon

In a previous post in July I set a new goal to run the Brussels Marathon on October 5, 2008 ...

My full marathon (42,19 km) was sadly replaced by the half marathon (21,095 km) because I was ill the last days before the marathon and I didn't feel like being 100% prepared for the race. So, on Saturday when picking up my entry number I switched to the half marathon.

My time on the half marathon was 1:51:46 (approximately 11,9 km/h - 5:02 min/km). I think I took the right decision to skip the full marathon because I would have forced myself to finish the 42,19 km in bad conditions, but that doesn't mean that I'm fully satisfied! I will be looking for another occasion in the coming weeks/months to complete a full marathon!

Again, I was surprised how many people took part in this running event - even when the weather conditions were extremely bad. Men and women of all ages were all anxiously waiting for the start. Some come in group and want to achieve a team result, but I noticed that most people run on their own and they are all very focused on passing the finish line as soon as possible - no sightseeing or whatsoever! Each person also has his personal style of running and it's really funny when you start paying attention to this. Running for me is also an individual sport : I don't have a training partner and I go out to train when it suits me. During a race I also want to run my own pace and control my heartbeat. This wouldn't work quite well when running with other people. Reaching the finish line is always a personal fight with my body and mind and as long as it gives me a kick/rush, I will probably keep doing this time after time! It keeps me fit and brings an extra portion of energy into my busy life. A lot of other people feel the same and it seems that the Start To Run program in Belgium has convinced a bunch of new people as well ...