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Sunday, February 10

#3 - TFS Best Practices Analyzer

Category : Installing and Configuring Microsoft Team Foundation Server

TFS Best Practices Analyzer (TFSBPA) is part of the TFS Power Tools 2008.

The Best Practices Analyzer tool for Team Foundation Server uses configuration files to determine what information to gather from the Team Foundation deployment. The tool compares the data that it gathers to a set of predefined rules for Team Foundation settings and configurations. The tool then reports the issues and information that it collected and analyzed. You can use the Best Practices Analyzer tool for Team Foundation Server to accomplish these objectives:
  • Verify whether prerequisite software and system requirements are met before you install Team Foundation Server.
  • Verify whether the deployment of Team Foundation Server is configured according to recommended best practices and system requirements.
  • Review the full configuration of a deployment of Team Foundation Server in one easily viewed, drill-down tree report.
  • Identify and help resolve problem areas that might interfere with typical functions or cause poor performance in a deployment of Team Foundation Server.

The first time I installed the TFS Power Tools 2008, I couldn't find the Best Practices Analyzer Tool that should have been part of the Power Tools. Apparently I didn't check the prerequisites for the TFSBPA, because to run the TFSBPA you need to have installed Windows PowerShell and Windows PowerShell requires WS-Management.

Video : How do I use the TFS Best Practices Analyzer?



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