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Monday, January 28

running classic asp on IIS 7 (Vista)

It's not that easy anymore (certainly not an out-of-the-box experience) to run classic asp on IIS 7. Yeah, just when you think you won't need the legacy asp anymore ...

Anyway, I found a good blog post on how to set it up for IIS 7 on Windows Vista and using a Microsoft Access Database. It might save you some time when you need it, but hopefully you won't need to go back to asp scripting again!

From Wikipedia :

Active Server Pages (ASP) was Microsoft's first server-side script engine for dynamically-generated web pages. It was marketed as an add-on to Internet Information Services (IIS).

ASP has gone through six major releases:
  • ASP version 1.0 (distributed with IIS 3.0) in December 1996
  • ASP version 2.0 (distributed with IIS 4.0) in September 1997
  • ASP version 3.0 (distributed with IIS 5.0) in November 2000
  • ASP.NET version 1.0 (part of the Microsoft .NET platform) in January 2002 (the pre-.NET versions are currently referred to as "classic" ASP)
  • ASP.NET version 1.1 in April 2003
  • ASP.NET version 2.0 (released on November 7, 2005)
  • ASP.NET version 3.5 (released in November 2007)



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