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Tuesday, February 5

#1 - TFS Version Detection

This post will be the first in a number of posts about VSTS / TFS Best Practices. They will appear on my blog in a random order. I will try to provide each time a main category for the tips & tricks.

Category : Installing and Configuring Microsoft Team Foundation Server

A utility (TFSVersionDetection) has been posted by Brian Harry of Microsoft to detect which version of Team Foundation Server (+ SQL Server) has been installed.

If you've installed the 90-day Trial of TFS it will also show you the remaining days of your trial. You won't get notified that your trial will expire - after 90 days TFS just stops! This might come as a surprise for many people and you might lose some valuable data! Well, the nice thing about this tool is that it gives you the opportunity to extend your trial by 30 days.

If you are within 10 days of expiration of a Trial Edition install, an "Extend" button will show up in the lower left hand corner. Pressing it will extend the expiration another 30 days. For Trial Edition the "Extend" button will show up again when your 30-day extension nears an end. Pressing it at this point will bring up a dialog that asks for a new Trial ID. It is possible to extend it another 30 days if absolutely necessary. To do this, you will need to contact your Microsoft sales rep and ask them to help you get a new Trial ID.



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