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Monday, January 7

How to delete a label in TFS 2005 / 2008

A label is a marker that you can attach to a set of unrelated files and folders in the Team Foundation source control server to simplify their retrieval to a workspace for either development or build purposes.
Applying labels to files/folders in TFS source control is quite easy and can be done via the right-click menu, but deleting labels in TFS 2005 is more hard work. You actually have two options :
  • Tf command-line utility
    use the label command of Team Foundation Source Control. (The tf command-line utility is located in :\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE and is available from the Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt and you must have the Read permission set to Allow for all files or folders to which the specified label is attached.)
  • Source Control Explorer
    • Right-click file/folder and select Get Specific Version ...
    • Select version type Label in the dropdown (A textbox will appear together with a button (...))

    • Click the (...) button to have the find label form displayed

    • Find the specific label in your project and delete it
    • Close form and cancel the get action
Note : You still need to do this like this in TFS 2008. No other way possible. With the TFS 2008 Power Toys, you will be able to set a Quick Label : an easy way to apply labels to a a given selection of files and folders in the Source Control Explorer.



  • At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Peter said…

    Thanks for this article! It was very helpful to me as 'tf delete' command didn't work for one of my labels. The UI approach worked well.


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