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Monday, February 7

Compuware Showcases New DevPartner Products at VSLive!

Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) will give demonstrations of its two new DevPartner products, Compuware DevPartner Fault Simulator and Compuware DevPartner SecurityChecker at the VSLive! San Francisco 2005.
  • DevPartner Fault Simulator addresses the need of development and test teams to verify that the code written to handle error conditions is complete and functioning properly.
  • DevPartner SecurityChecker is a powerful security analysis tool that accelerates the development of ASP.NET applications by automatically identifying security vulnerabilities through a combination of compile-time analysis, run-time analysis and integrity analysis (attack simulation), pinpointing the location of vulnerabilities in the source code.
Read full news release.

At the conference there's also an Indigo Day : a full day of all-new content on Microsoft's critical approach to connectivity, Web services, and SOA. Sounds interesting! I believe that's content for the Dev & IT Pro Days 2006 ...


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