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Thursday, September 20

Composite UI Application Block

This week I bought the book Programming Microsoft Composite UI Application Block and Smart Client Software Factory from the .NET Professor David Platt. Wanting to put his words into practice I tried to install the Composite UI Application Block and the Smart Client Software Factory on my Vista computer.
  • Error installing the CAB_CS.msi

    I solved this error by running the command line tool as an administrator and starting the msi from there : msiexec /i "CAB_CS.msi".
  • Error (error code 2869) installing the Smart Client Software Factory

    This time the Administrator trick did not solve the error at once. I also had to re-install the Guidance Automation Extensions and the Guidance Automation Toolkit.
Installations on Vista : not as painless as it should be ... remember to run software installations always as an administrator!

UPDATE : When you have only Visual Studio 2008 (beta 2) on your pc, you will receive installation error messages when installing the Smart Client Software Factory. Follow the instructions here to get the job done!

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  • At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Pieter,

    Thanks for the troubleshooting article. I followed the instructions u gave for installing CAB.msi and it removed the error i was getting. however all the folders have been created with Read ONLY permission. So I cant rebuild the source code and get the required dll's. I tried unmarking the read only folder attribute , it applies the changes and then when I check again all the folders and sub folders are marked as read only again ! any idea why this is happening. any help is appreciated

    - Samit


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