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Wednesday, August 8

goodbye David

David Boschmans passed away last night. Really schocking to see how suddenly and unexpectedly a human life can come to an end. David was only 32 years old and leaves a wife and an almost 3-year-old daugther. My condolences go out to David's wife Veerle and his daughter Fien.

For more than 4 years David has been a colleague at Compuware before he went to Microsoft. He was the one who pulled me into .NET Development and he was the one who truly believed in this new technology at that time. I can only be thankful for the support he always gave me in those years. After his move to Microsoft as a developer evangelist, we still met at various community events and he also had his part in the establishment of the Visual Studio User Group in Belgium. Today we had a VISUG meeting to discuss and plan our next events for 2007 and I must say that we were all pretty speechless. We will sure miss you David! Thanks for all you've done! It was good to know you ...

David suffered from an abnormal heart rhythm and had to undergo surgery a couple of months ago, but I never imagined that this deviation would become fatal for him. When I was young and very active in different sports competitions (football / tennis) I also had to undergo some examinations because I also had signs of an abnormal heart rhythm. Doctors did not found it life-threatening and I could continue my sports activities. In my preparation for the Rotterdam marathon in 2004 I again did some heart examinations at the University of Leuven because I again had some abnormal high heart beats during my runs. No real bad information came up in the investigations and I could continue my preparation for the Rotterdam marathon. The decease of David let's me think about my current situation and how precious one's health is.



  • At 11:27 PM, Anonymous Sélim Bichara said…


    David's death really shocked me too.

    You're right, life is fragile, and we have to enjoy every single moment.



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