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Saturday, July 28

Dual boot problems - Vista?

I'm running a dual boot (Windows Server 2003 and Vista Ultimate) on my laptop for quite some time, but last week I did a re-install of Windows Server 2003. The first problem that came up was that the boot option for Vista disappeared. Vista was still installed on my hard drive, but the start-up option for Vista was gone. The first thing I tried to do was to recover the Vista boot with the recover option in the setup of the Vista install DVD. This worked out fine, except that I now lost the Windows Server 2003 boot option.

After some googling I found out that the Boot Loader for Vista has changed (no more boot.ini magic) ...

Windows Vista introduces a new boot loader architecture; a new firmware-independent boot configuration and storage system called Boot Configuration Data (BCD); and a new boot option editing tool, BCDEdit (BCDEdit.exe). These components are designed to load Windows more quickly and more securely.
A command-line tool (bcdedit.exe) is available in the system32 folder to modify the boot configuration data store. For those (like me) who are not familiar with the bcdedit.exe options and switches, you can download a freeware application (VistaBootPro) to easily and neatly organize the boot configuration entries from within all flavors of Windows. So I managed to add the Windows 2003 Server option back in my boot menu. Case closed!



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