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Thursday, June 8

Windows Vista Touchdown

From June 6 till June 8 I followed the EMEA Windows Vista Touchdown Full 3-day Training at U2U. The course was great : good content (Vista - WinFX), good teacher (Peter Himschoot, good documentation (3 books, student guide and lab guide), ...

WinFX is the new set of managed code APIs that Microsoft will introduce in Windows Vista. WinFX can be seen as a superset of the Microsoft .NET Framework and the Win32 API. The Win32 API will still be present in Vista, but it will not give direct access to all the new functionality introduced with WinFX. In addition, it's the intention of WinFX to give all .NET programmers easier access to the functionality present in Windows itself. WinFX consists of four pillars : The first day of the Touchdown training we focused on some new features in Windows Vista and on the Windows Presentation Foundation. On day 2 we did some more WPF and some Windows Communication Foundation. Windows Workflow Foundation was kept in the closet for the last training day. During these days we also completed some labs on these new technologies.

I'm very excited about all those new technologies that Windows Vista (currently Beta 2) will bring (WinFX will also be backported to Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, to increase the number of computers that will be able to run applications that rely on WinFX). Before the training I installed Windows Vista (Ultimate Edition - Beta 2) on a dual boot with Windows Server 2003. But there's more you need to experiment with WinFX ... While you're downloading and installing all this, don't forget to install also Microsoft Office 2007 (Beta 2) and experience the new Microsoft Office User Interface.

Good luck in your Vista discovery! I will certainly try to post more on the new Vista features in the near future!

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