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Friday, April 7


Tomorrow will be a big day in our life! An and I are going to get married - the next step in our relationship! We've experienced really busy weeks in preparing for this marvelous event and we hope that everything works out as planned tomorrow. Next week we leave on our honeymoon to recuperate from all our hard work, so you won't see me blogging for the next three weeks. Time to relax and to enjoy what we've been working for!


  • At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Gabriel Lozano-MorĂ¡n said…

    Dag Pieter, het is misschien nog te vroeg maar ik wil jou en An alvast feliciteren met jullie huwelijk!! Geniet van jullie grote dag morgen en ook van jullie welverdiende rust op jullie huwelijksreis.


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