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Monday, May 29

Team Foundation Workgroup Edition (2)

After my first attempt, I decided to reinstall everything with domain user accounts.

All installations (SQL Server 2005, Sharepoint Services, hotfixes, ...) went fine until the installation of Team Foundation server. The health check was still OK (except for the known warning) so I could click the Install button, but the following error popped up after a few moments ...

Error 28925. TFServerStatusValidator: Calling the Team Foundation Server ServerStatus Web service failed. Additional details about the problem can be found in the setup log. Verify your network configuration. For more information on troubleshooting this error, see the Microsoft Help and Support Center.

After I while I figured out that there were definitely some problems connecting to my localhost (IIS) during the setup. The setup of TFS requires some webservices that run on the server and the addresses could not be resolved. Apparently I had still left the configuration script active in the Internet Options (tab Connections - Advanced) of my browser and this script is used to browse the Internet when I'm logged on to my company domain. My localhost could not be contacted through this configuration script.

Turning this off and a restart of the TFS setup fixed this issue. Done!


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