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Wednesday, June 14


On April 4 [2006], Compuware acquired SteelTrace.

SteelTrace is a business requirements management tool that enables all business and technology stakeholders to work collaboratively to understand, define, communicate and manage application requirements throughout the lifecycle. SteelTrace's rich functionality and ease of use ensures the delivery of applications that fully meet business needs. Application requirements are captured with ease, documented and flexibly managed throughout the application delivery cycle. Every project stakeholder can communicate in a common, understandable format - including business sponsors, business analysts, project managers, architects, developers and QA teams.

From June 12 till June 13, I followed a SteelTrace pre-sales training at Compuware (Amsterdam). The tools in the market for managing the Business Requirements are completely new for me and it was interesting to see the possibilities/opportunities.

How difficult is it nowadays to set clear and complete requirements with the business before the real implementation? I believe we've all been there ... Poor, late and incomplete requirements often lead to failure. How many times do we still have discussions (after implementation!) about the exact meaning of a poorly defined requirement? Discovering incorrect business requirements should occur as soon as possible in the software lifecycle to prevent you starting from scratch for certain misunderstood features. To obtain high quality software in a structured and repeatable way, we should identify and set all business requirements in the early stages. These requirements must be documented and approved by the business before implementation starts. This is the only valid approach to tell the project team what the business really expects to be built.

SteelTrace aligns application delivery to the needs of the business. The product uses a visual approach to the capture and definition of all requirements in a globally distributed team and brings a new level of quality into your applications. SteelTrace also recently announced integration with Visual Studio Team System. Interesting to see this product evolve ...

Download a free trial of SteelTrace Enterprise.
See SteelTrace Product Demo

Update : Compuware Introduces Business Requirements Management Solution Optimal Trace


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