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Tuesday, September 20

Shortcuts in the Run Window

I have copied and renamed a few Windows Applications in the system32-folder to use these one-letter-shortcuts in the Run Window.
  • Notepad.exe : n.exe
  • Mspaint.exe : p.exe
  • Cmd.exe : c.exe
  • Mmc.exe : m.exe
  • regedt32.exe : r.exe
  • ...
Sure you can find some more! Open Run Window (shortcut Windows-key + R), type n, press enter and Notepad will appear! As I often use the Run Window to start applications, it will save me a lot of typing. Being lazy is so cool ;-)


  • At 11:49 AM, Anonymous kimbo said…

    and then you have to work on another pc (perform demo, new client, new laptop, your mom's...)

    winkey + r, p, enter
    error WTF?
    again winkey + r, p, enter
    error WTF WTF?

    ah what is the name again to start paint... paint? pnt? mspnt? mspaint? paint32? ...


    customization is ok, but if you go to far with it (and forget the old way) you get lost on another pc

    no customization is also a way to be lazy ;-)


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