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Monday, September 12

Managing my feeds

I had already a free subscription (Web Edition) to Newsgator Online Services for 7/8 months, but last week I switched to the Business Standard plan.

Actually I was quite happy about the free subscription because I could read my feeds from everywhere (only a browser required) and they were kept synchronized. In short : my feeds followed me wherever I was so I didn't have to read the same content over and over again on different computers. Great, but that's not all ...

Why did I make the switch to another (paying) subscription?
  • Now I can integrate my feeds into Outlook (Outlook Edition)
  • Now I get notified of new posts
  • Now I can make use of FeedDemon (Desktop Edition)
  • Now I can easily search through all (archived) posts
There are a lot of free alternatives (SharpReader, RSSBandit, ...) for reading blogs/feeds, but they all currently fall short for my needs. For the moment I don't regret paying 20$ a year for my Newsgator subscription.


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