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Tuesday, September 13

NUnit Test Methods

Did you know?

For backwards compatibility with previous versions of NUnit a test method will also be found if the first 4 letters are "test" regardless of case.
[TestAttribute (NUnit 2.0)]

I found out by accident. In my TestFixture-class I had a private method testDoSomething and I was surprised to see that this method was showing up in the list of test methods.

Result :

Backward compatibility for a private method?

I thought that UnitTests could only be red (failure) or green (success) ...


  • At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Steven Wilssens said…


    Since NUnit Iteration Release 2.2.2, the old style test cases ("Test....") are no longer recognized by default. A setting in the test config file may be used to allow their use on an assembly by assembly basis. You can verify this in the release notes for version 2.2.2.


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