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Tuesday, June 17

#7 - Scrum for Team System (v2.1)

Category : Administering Process Templates

Scrum for Team System is a custom process template that you can install on your Team Foundation Server to provide your development teams with deep support for the use of Scrum. Scrum is becoming very popular in software development teams : it's an agile software development process to manage software projects. When applying Scrum (a rugby expression that refers to a way of restarting the game), software development teams use an empirical approach to adapt to changing requirements and priorities. The focus of Scrum is to deliver working software to the customer on a frequent basis. It's all about maintaining a Product Backlog and generating Sprint Backlog Items for dedicated Sprints. I've used the Scrum approach already in the past, but the (custom) process template we used at that time wasn't really good. The v2.1 process template of Scrum For Team System looks at least very promising at first sight.

I still have some remarks when installing v2.1 and using it on a Team Foundation Server 2008 :
  • Make sure you install the ScrumForTeamSystem virtual directory in the running Team Foundation Server website. That website runs with the TFS service account identity.
  • The home directory for the virtual directory is \inetpub\ScrumforTeamSystem by default, but for getting the included web services to run, you must give the TFS service account read & execute permissions on that folder
  • The Event Handler Service for updating the Remaining work (WorkItemChangedEvent) isn't configured correctly in the SQL Server database. You should check manually in the tbl_subscription table (TFSIntegration database) that the WorkItemChangedEvent subscription has the correct address to the webservice on the Team Foundation Server. I had to manually add the port number to the address to get it working.
  • If you still have issues getting it to work properly, be sure to enable the logging for the Scrum For Team System web services : edit the web.config by setting a value (logfilepath) for the LogFilePath setting. I can also highly recommend the forum to help you out.
Hopefully these issues will be resolved in the next release of the scrum process template installer.



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