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Monday, May 19

VISUG TFS Session cancelled

I've cancelled my second Team Foundation Server session on Wednesday (first session was held on May 7, 2008) because I managed to corrupt my TFS 2008 installation while trying to upgrade to TFS 2008 SP1 (beta) last week-end. That means that my demo pc is currently out-of-order and without the prepared demos my session wouldn't be that interesting. I will try to reschedule the session to a later date and make sure that new features of TFS 2008 SP1 will be part of my presentation. A small consolation : I've uploaded my slides for download ...

Those who want to know more about the TFS 2008 SP1 beta failure can read my post in the MSDN forum.

Working with a Virtual PC (with Undo Disks enabled) would have prevented this issue, but I like to work on a dedicated main OS on my laptop for performance reasons and this is really the first time that I managed to bring the system down with upgrading to the latest bits. Bad timing!

All registered people - with a valid email address - for the VISUG session on Wednesday should have received a cancellation email.

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  • At 9:41 PM, Blogger Tony said…

    hey Pieter,
    The link to the slides is dead...
    Resurrect it pleaz ;)

  • At 11:17 PM, Blogger Pieter said…

    Apparently there are problems with .pptx files - I also uploaded a .ppt version.


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