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Saturday, April 26

#5 - How to build an old version?

Category : Administering a Team Build

It might be needed to perform a Team Build of a specific version of your source in the past. No problem with Team Build! You can instruct the Build Server to get your sources on label, date or changeset.

  • Team Foundation Server 2008
    In TFS 2008, you may use the response file (.rsp) in your team build to override MS Build properties. Response files are automatically created text files that may contain MSBuild.exe command line switches. To override the default latest version of your source that's retrieved during a get latest, you have to set the SourceGetVersion property with the value of a specific label, date or changeset ...
    • /p:SourceGetVersion="C10" [points to source up to changeset 10]
    • /p:SourceGetVersion="MyLabel" [points to source up to label MyLabel]
    • /p:SourceGetVersion="D01/13/08" [points to source up to date January 13, 2008]
  • Team Foundation Server 2005
    In TFS 2005 it's a bit more complex because you also need to update the Get task with the Version property in the Microsoft.TeamBuild.targets file on the Build Server [%ProgramFiles%\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v8.0\TeamBuild\Microsoft.TeamBuild.targets]. This MSDN forum post explains how to set it up for TFS 2005.



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