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Thursday, August 10

VISUG - Guidance Automation Toolkit

Yesterday evening, Jelle Druyts gave an excellent presentation for the VISUG on the Guidance Automation Toolkit [GAT] at Compuware. Jelle gave a nice overview of the powerful possibilities of the Guidance Automation Toolkit and showed the ins and outs live in Visual Studio. Really powerful stuff! On his blog you can already find the slides he presented yesterday. He has been really busy with the exploration of the GAT lately : you can also find 6 interesting posts about it ... Some more Belgian VISUG news for those who don't know yet ...
  • Our VISUG President and my good friend Steven Wilssens will leave Belgium to join Microsoft Corp. in October 2006 as a Program Manager. Therefore the current VISUG Board is a little bit revised : Peter Himschoot is appointed as our new President, while Steven and I will temporarily fulfill the Vice President(s) function. New elections will be held in February 2007.
  • Next VISUG sessions:
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