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Tuesday, July 5

TechEd 2005 - Day 1

Yesterday we arrived just a little late at the RAI-center for the Pre-Conference Seminars due to the heavy traffic towards Amsterdam. The check-in on the other hand went a lot quicker than our car-trip. This year's theme is Inspiration Shared.

I followed the Pre-Conference Seminar Visual Basic .NET Programming for Visual Basic 6.0 Developers [Ken Getz and Brian Randell]. I picked this seminar because of a project I will do in the future : moving VB6-developers to VB.NET (Framework 2.0). The purpose of the seminar was to build a complete .NET Application in one day.

They developed on stage a web-based hotel reservation front-end and used as many "pieces" of .NET as possible : .NET Framework System Classes, Serialization and MSMQ, ADO.NET, Windows Services, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, COM Interop and Web Services.

Naturally they didn't start completely from scratch ... they had a lot of code-snippets prepared. During the sessions they gave an overview of the used "pieces" in the application with a focus on VB.NET.

Below you can find a list of topics that were covered :
  • the "My" namespace for simplified .NET programming
  • code snippets
  • serialization/deserialization
  • the using statement
  • Message Queuing
  • viewing data while debugging : concept of "visualizers"
  • debugging Windows Services
  • Visual Inheritance
  • enhancements for GUI development
    • smart tags
    • data binding
    • backgroundworker
    • MenuStrip and ToolStrip
    • DataGridView
  • ClickOnce Deployment
  • COM Interoperability
So, it was a good day to start with! The accomodations at TechEd are also great : a wireless network all over the place, 350+ networked computers, VoIP (Voice over IP), food & drinks everywhere, ... I also like the bag (backpack) more than last year!


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