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Friday, June 10

new installs

I've just installed two new applications on my machine :
  • MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search
    Tabbed browsing, Easy access to MSN Services (Hotmail, Messenger, Spaces), Desktop Search, ...
  • Acrylic (beta)
    Acrylic is the codename for an innovative illustration, painting and graphics tool that provides exciting creative capabilities for designers working in print, web, video, and interactive media.
Update : MSN Toolbar ... uhum. The "user-experience" isn't as smooth as it should be for a final version of a product. After one single day it crashed already 2 times (I had to restart Internet Explorer) and the heavy flickering of the screen is already working on my nerves. Read Jelle's post for some more bad comments. But, it's not all bad. For those who aren't familiar with tabbed browsing it must be a delight to have the possibility to open multiple pages in the same instance of Internet Explorer. I also like the "Open My Tabs"-option where you can open your favorite pages all at once. Still, there must be better support for setting those pages (via a menu) and there must be a possibility to create more than one "Open My Tabs" if you know what I mean. Dragging and dropping tabs would also be nice!


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