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Monday, April 18

Importance of IntelliSense

Today, I noticed that IntelliSense suddenly stopped working properly in Visual Studio 2003. Very weird because I didn't do anything exotic that could stop it from working in my IDE. When I reviewed the options for my IDE-settings, I found out that "Auto list members" was indeed unchecked! Till now I still have no explanation for this behavior, but at least now it works again ...

I now also realize how dependent I've become (and surely many others) from using IntelliSense. Imagine that from tomorrow onwards, you couldn't make use of it anymore ... Yes, that would be very frustrating and your overall productivity would certainly decrease.

In Visual Studio 2005, IntelliSense will be even more important for productiviy because it will provide more context-sensitive filtered completion lists and you will be able to use IntelliSense Code Snippets for simplifying the amount of manual code you need to type by providing templates for common code-snippets.


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