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Sunday, April 3

Time Management

The last weeks/months have really been hectic. A lot of "after hours" work to do and also my preparation for the Paris Marathon took a lot of time. Well, I now can say already that I won't reach the finish-line next Sunday because I injured myself during an indoor soccer game yesterday-afternoon (Yeah, quite stupid!). This is really frustrating because I wasn't planning to play, but because of a lack of available players I did show up to play. Wrong decision apparently ... Damn, I feel bad because I hate to give up! Ok, I wasn't prepared 100% for the marathon because I skipped a lot of training-runs, but the last weeks I did run my kilometers and my confidence to pass the finish-line was rising. The marathon-weekend will now be replaced by a simple sightseeing-trip to Paris (my girlfriend will be delighted). I will focus now on the 20km of Brussels ...

Next time I should follow a course Time Management to better prepare for such an event. For the moment the days are too short to execute what I want to do in 24 hours. Hopefully the "workload" will decrease a little bit in the future.

I still haven't finished my book on Test-Driven Development that I bought months ago and I actually can't wait to start reading some chapters of Code Complete (2nd edition). The thing is : the more you get to know about .NET by practice or by reading, the more you realize that there's still a lot interesting stuff to discover/learn. I think you know what I mean! Self-study and exploration/examination of new things is something what an ambitious developer will always have to keep in mind to move forward, but it's not always straightforward to plan those things in your free time.


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