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Thursday, December 23

Hotmail vs GMail

I'm using Gmail (Beta) now for a couple of months. I'm not only very pleased by the storage capacity they offer [1 GigaByte !!], but also with the way how they handle messages that have the same context. You can compare it in a certain way with threads in newsgroups. In your mailbox it's now very easy to follow a conversation you've set up with different people.

At first sight I found it annoying that it was not possible to create separate folders to store your Gmail. Instead Gmail offered a labeling system. Now I must say that labels are actually better than separate folders because you can assign different labels to one single message. Not bad for organizing your mail. Gmail-notifier and Gmail-Drive make the whole package even more attractive!

I still use my hotmail-account for instant messaging (Messenger), but that's almost it. Today I've noticed that my hotmail-account was upgraded to store 250MB, but that won't make me switch to hotmail again for free web-based email. I ask myself the question how long Gmail will keep their mail-service "by invitation"?


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