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Saturday, January 24

India (Part I)

Last week I've been in India (Chennai) for a business trip. From Monday to Friday I did only see two places : my hotel and the office ... so I didn't had the opportunity to visit the country as a tourist, but it has certainly been an interesting week and I'm very satisfied about the outcome of my Indian week. Part of the job was a training workshop I had to give about Compuware DevPartner and the other part was a consultancy job to integrate code coverage results on distributed integration tests that were fired with NUnit. Those unit tests called several web services which were the real target for code coverage. The solution I came up with at the end of the week was to combine NUnit results and code coverage results. With LINQ to XML and the Entity Framework in .NET 3.5 (SP1) I was able to quickly store all these metrics in a SQL Server database to make them available for further reporting.

It's quite easy to hook up Compuware DevPartner to track the code coverage of unit tests written into NUnit or to track the code coverage of assemblies that are hosted in a website on IIS. Afterwards, LINQ to XML and the XElement class were my friends to easily query all result files and upload the required information to a datastore using the Entity Framework. Actually, not that much custom code was involved to set it all up.

I'm writing this wrap-up in the Chennai airport, waiting for my 9h30 flight to Brussels. I hope to get some sleep on the plane and to have a nice week-end with my family. Another trip to India is planned next month to give similar workshops on Compuware DevPartner and to further extend the solution I worked out for the integration tests.

I may not have picked up a lot of the Indian culture and atmosphere, but one thing that will remind me is the fact that traffic is insane over there! You just have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. In Europe I don't mind to drive in busy cities, but I don't see me driving a car / motorcycle / bike in the middle of Chennai. Really amazing!

To be continued in a few weeks!



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