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Thursday, October 12

Need for new backup-plan

Tuesday we had unwanted visitors in our flat during daytime. When we arrived home from work (yes, normal people work for their money and don't go out for a robbing spree), we found out that our apartment was a target of an organized burglary in the city. Many things like jewels, clothes, electronics and last but not least my laptop were stolen. That morning I unfortunately didn't take my laptop to work because I have a desktop computer at my disposal for my job at the client.

I keep my laptop always close to the laptop-bag where the extra stuff is in : power cable, cordless mouse, paperwork, USB harddrive, ... The USB harddrive is primarily used for taking backups once in a while and for transferring data to other computers. It must have been more than a month that my last backup was taken, but I was still very lucky (can I use the word lucky in this context?) that they left the bag - including my USB harddisk - in my apartment.

Why do people take backups most of the time? Because of the chance of disk-failures, not to foresee a possible burglary I would think! All my backup-work would have been worthless if they had also stolen my USB harddrive. All this let's me think about a new backup-plan for the future! It would be a better idea to keep my backups in a complete other physical location than my laptop. Also in case of a fire, you would lose it all if those things were kept together. What about online storage? Is that a solution for storing your backups? Anyone some ideas about a secure backup-plan?

I mustn't tell you that it's really frustrating to lose a lot of important data/work. My article for .NET Magazine that was under construction is gone, presentations I was preparing, some important emails, personal stuff, ... I don't want to see that happen again! This week-end I will start re-installing my new laptop, but that will be only phase 1 of my re-work!


  • At 5:53 PM, Anonymous Philip Stevens said…

    Well that really stinks, sorry to hear that! I don't have any better strategy, in fact since we moved 6 weeks ago I've been lazy to reconnect my drives for backups... so this is a good motivation to get my backups going again and also think about some sort of offsite storage. The idea of storing all my financial records on somone elses website doesn't seem appealing to me though. Maybe a monthly visit to a safe deposit box coupled with a daily backup to another room.... I'll have to mull on this for a while.

  • At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Gabriel Lozano-MorĂ¡n said…

    Shit man that's a serious bummer! I would go nuts if somebody would break into our house.

  • At 12:22 AM, Anonymous timvw said…

    It sucks they stole your laptop... Now that you're thinking about potential disasters, here's another scenario most people haven't thought of: What happens when you die? Do you take your passwords into the grave? What about (eg:) paypal accounts?

  • At 10:30 AM, Anonymous kimbo said…

    checkout for a little list of free online storage/backup or wait for gdrive:

    what happens when you die? then a bunch of little animals eat your flesh. :-P
    and about the paypal stuff; tell your password to your wife, or someone you trust. same go's for the vault or housekey's why not for your password? unless you are doing secret things 8-O


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